In contemporary civilization, art cannot be closed in certain limits.Through artists’ work art reacts to world’s chances and threats. Creators frequently use surprising and original solutions in their works.  We are introducing some tendencies in modern art that you probably did not know existed.

Arte povera

This trend bases using raw materials- metal, branches, glass, stones, newspapers, etc. Using these objects seems to be a retreat from the traditional “high art”. Arte povera artists understand the creative process as an intellectual activity, not only directed for an aesthetic purpose. The most popular representant of this trend is Michelangelo Pistoletto. The artist painted his works on mirrors, he also used scraps of fabrics. He quickly became an inspiration for other poor art artists.



michelangelo-pistoletto-specchi-150x150 (1)


This artistic current concerns graphics, fashion, applied art and painting. It is based on visual impressions. This trend uses abstract and geometric forms, optical illusions and light effects. The forerunner of op-art was Victor Vasarely. His work was based on a mesmerizing rhombuses that gave the impression of alternating concave and bulge. Phosphorescent colors that form flickering effect are often present in his works. 

victor vasarely


Land art

Land art’s artistic activity takes actions in earth space and natural environment. Such activities are often interference in the landscape,it’s transforming, or are the use of natural processes, like erosion, and weathering to create an action, the object of an artistic nature. One of the most performance of this trend is the Robert Smithson’s spiral. Artist piled 500 meters high spiral dyke from 6000 tons of ground connecting abstractive forms with primitive sea creatures shape.



Mail art

Artists from this circle were sending letters, telegrams and parcels that were part of their work. They were spreading information about their own artistic activity. This activity created a kind of art network outside institutions instead of or art galleries to belong to the circuit one had to give his address.The most important principle of the circle was replying for to letters – it was an exchange between artists. One of the most recognizable representant reof this movement was Japanese conceptualist On Kawara. In one of his artistic actions he sent out telegrams to the institutions of art with a message: “I am still alive”.



Many art critics believe that such alternative forms of creativity are not qualified as ando art. Trends and artists that we presented prove that  masterpiece, in the modern sense, could be everything that is created by artists and is either fun, provocation or disapprovement  on the social taboo.

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