We proudly present young and very talented artist from India – Hariprasad C. Hariprasad C was supposed to take part in the 5th Auction of Young Art, which took place on 28/10/2017. Unfortunately, due to transport and intercontinental formalities, his paintings did not arrive on time from India. It was a big pity and we felt quaite sad about this fact … but as they say … things do happen for a reason…
We invite you to watch the video and to have a look at the artworks of this talented artist. His paintings have this ‘something’… exceptional and original attention to detail…




‘NOSTALGIA’ by Hariprasad c

Acrylic on canvas; 45 x 66 cm; 2015; India; 170 €

‘This painting is one of my favourite. The child in this painting is my niece. I remembered my childhood when I saw her in candle light ,which inspired me to do this painting.” Hariprasad C



‘Woman of the twenties’ by Hariprasad c

Acrylic; Canvas; 2016; 60 x 60 cm; 2016; India; 115€

‘This painting is  my pure imagination. This painting depicts the women in twentieth century. Twentieth century marks the beginning of women empowerment and  freedom of women.’ Hariprasad C




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