The theme of the exhibition is’ Body and Physicality in the Works of Emerging Artists. Look What Young Emerging Artists See.’
Explore the concept of body in the works by Grażyna Ochowiak (Poland), Henny Perkins (Germany), Dagmara Rybak (Poland), Diana Dragoman (Romania), Krystsina Lukyanchyk ( Belarus), Marya Camenzuli (Malta), Ed Schaap (Netherlands).
This is a collection of very interesting and meaningful stories. In this collection we can see a variety of styles through surrealism, realism, pop art, abstraction, modern, etc.The exhibition is definitely very emotional. It is an artistic journey into the depths of the senses and the reception of a world. Not everyone sees the same… Not everyone perceives the same…

Enjoy Young Art!

See it here: Google Arts & Culture

This is beginning of our collaboration with great art platform Google Arts & Culture  for Google Cultural Institute. Stay tuned!!!