We would like to thank our partner SOXY.pl  for supporting our foundation in statutory activities !!!

SOXY.pl  is one of the main partners of the IV Young Art Auction. Auction will be held on 11th June (Saturday) 2016 at Sky Tower on the 48th Floor in Wroclaw.


We say NO to dull, anonymous and boring socks. We create a new culture of sock-wearing. We shape a new philosophy of perceiving them. We want to make people wear them proudly and show to the world. SOXY.pl are just like that – original, unique, non-standard and of the finest quality. They have been made to become a significant element of a male wardrobe, to decorate their wearer and accentuate his character. SOXY.pl is a whole lifestyle. Courage to express oneself and one’s own views. Freedom and individuality. SOXY.pl is life with passion.

Try, and you will never wear ordinary socks again.



We are fashion freaks, designers, masters of creating image. We blend passion with courage. Our team is a collective of unique, non-standard people with rich experience: fashion designers, marketing and PR specialists, filmmakers and graphic designers. We are united by a common goal. We have just started our revolution. We are sure that SOXY.pl will find their permanent spot on Polish fashion map.



We create, design and produce top-class socks for men. SOXY is a 100% local product. Our collections are prepared by Polish designers and produced in the birthplace of Polish textile industry – in Łódź. We give you two unique lines: casual and business. Each pattern, motive and colour has its own story. A story you can become a part of.



SOXY.pl is something more than just socks. It’s philosophy. It’s style. It’s being ahead of the trends. We change how socks are seen. We are causing a commotion in the world of fashion. We respond to your needs. We give you something you haven’t had before. We want to create a new culture of wearing socks. We want men to show them proudly to the world. SOXY.pl are just like that – original, unique, healthy, perfectly made and non-cliched. They are made for men who are not afraid of challenges. Men who walk their own paths.

SOXY. Walk Your Way.


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