Jan 2016

Decorate your interior with original and very unique paintings

Some of you have probably recognize Dagmara style … Her paintings have this original POP ART style. Her energy on panitings is hard not to notice. They pay attention to even those who are not particularly interested in contemporary art by young artists. Her art has something special that makes it impossible to get bored. […]


Jan 2016

Rising Stars of 21st Century Painting

The beginning of the current period in the history of art, dates back to the mid twentieth century. Contemporary art isn’t yet subject to specific divisions. It must be remembered that after years dominated by digital media, many artists returned to traditional device. We are presenting a few modern artists who can be recognized as […]


Jan 2016

R.I.P David Bowie

Rest In Peace The One and Only David Bowie ***He was a huge influence on art… Artist, singer, songwriter musician, record producer, actor. Ever unpredictable, the mercurial artist and fashion icon wore many guises throughout his life. The original star-man returned to the stars.Thank you for everything you brought us …


Dec 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!! Happy Holiday!!!!!

DearAll,   wherever you are we would like to take the opportunity that is the period of Christmas greetings and to wish you a Very Merry Christmas in a wonderful family atmosphere! May this time will bring you lots of joy and happiness for the whole next year! Have a Happy Holiday!!!! Team of Student […]


Dec 2015

Exhibition from 18th December 2015 to 4th January 2016

Student Artworks Foundation invites all young art lovers to an exhibition of painting in Platinum Palace ***** in Wroclaw ( The exhibition takes place from 18th December (2015) and will last until 4th January (2016). The exhibition is free and really worth seeing! Presented paintings are energetic and having interesting content … Exhibited Images: 1. […]


Dec 2015

Trends in modern art that you had no idea

In contemporary civilization, art cannot be closed in certain limits.Through artists’ work art reacts to world’s chances and threats. Creators frequently use surprising and original solutions in their works.  We are introducing some tendencies in modern art that you probably did not know existed. Arte povera This trend bases using raw materials- metal, branches, glass, […]


Dec 2015

What a Christmas can you give your loved ones ?

What can you find under the Christmas tree?What a Christmas can you give your loved ones and friends?Art is a great Christmas gift …Visit our gallery. If you like some works please write to us at contact @ or contact directly the author Art for XmasFind it @ SAF:


Dec 2015

Edvard Munch Art Award winner for 2015 is French artist Camille Henrot

 The Munch Museum announced at Art Basel Miami Beach on December 4 that its reestablished Edvard Munch Art Award winner for 2015 is French artist Camille Henrot. Chosen by an international jury, she will receive a monetary prize of nearly $59,000 and a solo exhibition at the museum. “ An official award ceremony will take place […]


Dec 2015

Proudly presenting the latest works by Dagmara Rybak

Do you remember one of our favorite artists Dagmara Rybak?… Here’s a hint … very much in Dagmara Rybak style …‘It wasn’t me’Paper; Watercolors; Pencil; 21cm x 29,7cmIllustration   …And now proudly presenting the latest workf by Dagmara Rybak ‘Floating in the sky’ Acrylic on cavas; Pop Art; 50 cm x 40 cm 350 zl […]


Nov 2015


“Imagine there’s no countries   It isn’t hard to do   Nothing to kill or die for    And no religion too.”                                 John Lennon – 1971