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Park Museum Sant’Anna del Furlo. Land Art between Conservation and Restoration

The volume Il Parco Museo Sant’Anna del Furlo. Land Art tra Conservazione e Restauro, by Andreina De Tomassi and Elvio Moretti, published by Aras, arises from a profitable and much-needed interdisciplinary comparison between different specialists, who, with commitment, creativity and professionalism, have managed to combine contemporary art and its conservation and restoration needs with computer science and technological vanguard. The book was written to tell the initiative of land art initiated by the House of Artists in 2010, in Sant’Anna del Furlo, near Fossombrone, where national and international artists were asked to create a work to be left on show in the Park-Museum. The project was described for the first time in 2012 in the thesis of the student Lorenza Bagnarelli, supported by the University College of the School of Conservation and Restoration at the University of Urbino and Professor Elvio Moretti, committed since then to map all the works on show and to provide them with GIS and QRcode.