Finally, we present the winners of the competition – list of 30 works that will participate in the exhibition and auction in next coming event of Student Artworks Foundation in October. The choice was very difficult …

  1. Madame muerta -Dagmara Rybak (Poland)
  2. Cats just want to have fun – Dagmara Rybak (Poland)
  3. Lady Rose – Dagmara Rybak (Poland)
  4. A gust of geometry – Dagmara Rybak (Poland)
  5. Life in the field of lava – Ieva Vītiņa (Latvia)
  6. The Monarch of the Glen – Ieva Vītiņa (Latvia)
  7.  Wood – Tatiana Stropkaiová (Slovakia)
  8. Break up – Tatiana Stropkaiová (Slovakia)
  9. Euphoria – Diana Dragoman (Romania)
  10. Forest elegance – Diana Dragoman (Romania)
  11. Oblivion 4 – Elvira Bozga (Romania)
  12. Diary with soul -Vaida Ana (Romania)
  13. Canto di una bambola – Ayl Rose (Italy)
  14. Thread – Ziemowit Fincek (Poland)
  15. Bird man – Ziemowit Fincek (Poland)
  16. By the lake – Ziemowit Fincek (Poland)
  17. Various thoughts – Ziemowit Fincek (Poland)
  18. Lionheart – Ziemowit Fincek (Poland)
  19. Faun – Lily Rusu (Romania)
  20. Shadows – Lily Rusu (Romania)
  21. Catch me if you can – Andra Morosan (Romania)
  22. Jump – Andra Morosan (Romania)
  23. Just me – Andra Morosan (Romania)
  24. Pablo Picasso – Michał Mąka (Poland)
  25. Andy Warhol – Michał Mąka (Poland)
  26. Gulls – Elena Nekrashevich (Russia)
  27. Jacob’s dream – Elena Nekrashevich (Russia)
  28. Feast in the time of plague – Ana Orekhova (Russia)
  29. Ideas? – Natalya Kebalo (Ukraine)
  30. The forgotten city – Arsen Bereza (Ukraine)

Dear artists just now expect from us mail with formal issues very shortly.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition!

Dear artists that’s not the end yet! On the horizon before us numerous exhibitions, shows, competitions and auctions.Stay updated!

Keep in touch.

Kind regards,
Student Artworks Foundation