Art on Smartphones FINALLY AVAILABLE!!!

The much awaited Limited Edition of mobile cases ART ON SMARTPHONES is finally available at www.mobiwear.pl!!! Mobiwear – etui do telefonu thank you guys!!!! Brawo!!! 👏👏👏
Grażyna Aneta Ochowiak Dagmara Rybak Marya Camenzuli Aleksandra Herbich Your talent ladies is beautifully presented both on canvas and on smarthones!!!👏👌🤳💪😍🎉🎆🏆♥️📲
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Where is your art?

Hello Artists!
Where is your art?

Students and fresh graduates exhibit your art at www.studentartworks.org.

SAF exhibit and promote young art around the globe.

Young artists feel free to join us!
Show your art. Promote your name.



Zapowiadamy EDYCJĘ LIMITOWANĄ !!!!


wyselekcjonowanych 20 motywów autorstwa 4 Artystek zrzeszonych ze Student Artworks Foundation:

Marya Camenzuli

Dagmara Rybak

Grażyna Ochowiak

Aleksandra Herbich

Edycja Limitowana jest wynikiem kolaboracji Student Artworks Foundation z Mobiwear – Etui do telefonu / mobiwear.pl

O tym, że etui są formą wyrażania siebie, wiadomo nie od dziś! Cóż może być więc większą formą wyrazu jak nie sztuka?! 🖌

Obserwujcie bacznie nasze poczynania! 👀 To dopiero początek!!!.

Student Artworks Foundation is annoucing new art contest ‘KDW Berlin’.

We invite young creative artists to participate in the ‘KDW Berlin’ contest.
Deadline: applications are accepted until May 14th 2018
via e-mail: management@studentartworks.org
The art contest aim is to select TOP 5 artworks that present the KaDeWE building.

We can’t wait to see your propositions!!!!


Artist Dagmara Rybak about her long term cooperation with SAF

Proudly present the state of very talented and open minded artist Dagmara Rybak. She is associated with Student Artworks Foundation for many years. Her art touched many souls and find new homes during several editions of Auction of Young Art organized by SAF. We are honored and thankful to cooperate with Dagmara Rybak.
Dagmara Rybak says:
‘We all know that time flies… Some of us has tears in eyes when start to think about it…I have…
Sentiment embraces me from the top of my head to the fingertips… What has already been happened can’t be stopped.. only in our memory or own picture… When it comes to the auctions organized by Student Artworks Foundation, the end is always an opening of something new, including the continuation of it. That’s how I try to think about these events. For the last 8 years of cooperation with the Student Artworks Foundation, a lot of good things have happened in my life, because of the people with a huge heart and a huge faith in me and my talent.
There were storms, storms, we encountered many obstacles, but we always chased these black clouds, thanks to the involvement of so many wonderful and wonderful people, and finally the sun came out every time, which warmed our hearts with magical and unforgettable moments. You have created a field of unlimited expression of my own thoughts, expressions of feelings and desires, without having to look at some imposed rules, freedom in expressing myself in my paintings, that what I thank very much for.
The Foundation has become an inseparable element of my life. These relationships sometimes require effort, but this effort pays off and – most importantly – everyone, with no exceptions, is happy about it. Thanks to exhibitions, auctions and other events organized by the Foundation. People from all over the world can learn about our existence, about young talented people who love their passion. They can appreciate these many years of our work. I learned a lesson, that thanks to this type of promotion and support, which really makes sense, my artworks get to many purchasers, eg in Dubai, America, Greece, Germany etc.

Here below is listed a short summary of my artworks that found their new home because of the auctions organized by Student Artworks Foundation:
• 20th July 2012 – Auction Of Young Art Minds/ Art Hotel/ Wroclaw, Poland
1. ‘My Way’ – 110 x 80 cm
2. ‘She’ – 60 x 70 cm

• 21st December 2013 – 2nd Auction of Young Art (II AMS)
1. ‘Supernova’ – acrylic on canvas; 60 x 80 cm
2. ‘Pigs & diamond’ – acrylic on canvas; 120 x 80 cm
3. ‘She’- print on canvas; 130 x 90 cm

• 18th October 2014 – 3rd Auction of Young Art (III AMS)
1. ‘Madame Muerte’ – acrylic on canvas; 120 x 90 cm
2. ‘Cats just want have fun’- acrylic on canvas; 50 x 70 cm
3. ‘Trangle mind’- acrylic on canvas; 50 x 70 cm

• 11th June 2016 – 4th Auction of Young Art (IV AMS)
1. ‘In my garden’ – acrylic on canvas; 100 x 70 cm
2. ‘Floating in the sky’ – acrylic on canvas; 40 x 50 cm
3. ‘Long, long time ago’- acrylic on canvas; 50 x 70cm
4. ‘Signs’ – acrylic on canvas; 100 x 70 cm

• 28th October 2017 – 5th Auction of Young Art (V AMS)
1. ‘Forest Lady’ – acrylic on canvas; 80 x 80 cm
2. ‘Woman in 20th’ – acrylic on canvas; 100 x 70 cm
3. ‘Femme Fatale’ – acrylic on canvas; 100 x 70 cm’

Books are a uniquely portable magic. (1) (002)

www.posithink.com kopia (3)

More art by D.Rybak- http://www.studentartworks.org/author/dagmara-rybak/

Dagmara, there is a lot behind us but we are preparing for more
We love to cooperate with you! Many thanks for your every effort for SAF!!!!

Team of Student Artworks Foundation

1% podatku na wsparcie dla Młodych Artystów


 ‘1% podatku na wsparcie dla Młodych Artystów’
Fundacja Student Artworks od 2013 realizuje działania statutowe mające na celu wsparcie i rozwój Młodej Sztuki. Wspierajmy razem MŁODYCH I UTALENTOWANYCH ARTYSTÓW !!!
Serdecznie dziękujemy Dagmarze Rybak za przygotowanie grafiki do tematu ‘1% podatku na wsparcie dla Młodych Artystów’ !!!


Amelia Preston’s art on Google Arts & Culture

So glad and proud sharing link from GOOGLE ARTS AND CULTURE!!! They present interesting and extraordinary art from Amelia Preston from U.K. associated with Student Artworks Foundation !!! Feel free to click and enjoy this little art adventure Enjoy !
Bez tytułu

Thank you all good people!!! All the best in 2018!!!

Student Artworks Foundation wishes to thank all those kind people with whom we were able to cooperate in 2017! We would like to thank the ARTISTS, SPONSORS, PARTNERS, VOLUNTEERS and FRIENDS of the foundation. We are very grateful to you beautiful people !!!!
We wish you the joyful 2018 full of happiness, love and peace!!! And even more projects and success together !!!



Fundacja Student Artworks z głębi serca pragnie podziękować tym wszystkim życzliwym ludziom z którymi było nam dane współpracować w 2017 roku! Serdecznie dziękujemy ARTYSTOM, SPONSOROM, PARTNEROM, WOLONTARIUSZOM i PRZYJACIOŁOM fundacji. Jesteśmy Wam bardzo wdzięczni!!!!
Życzymy Wam wspaniałego 2018 roku pełnego szczęścia, miłości i pokoju!!! I oczywiście kolejnych wspólnych projektów i sukcesów!!!

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Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and Wonderful Winter!

Dear All,

have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS,



Student Artworks Foundation Team




Painting by spanish artist associated with Student Artworks Foundation-  Ignacio Navarro Holgado  (Fine Art College of Santa Isabel de Hungría/Seville)

Oil; Wood; 160 x 140 cm; 2014


Proudly present young and very talented artist from India – Hariprasad C

We proudly present young and very talented artist from India – Hariprasad C. Hariprasad C was supposed to take part in the 5th Auction of Young Art, which took place on 28/10/2017. Unfortunately, due to transport and intercontinental formalities, his paintings did not arrive on time from India. It was a big pity and we felt quaite sad about this fact … but as they say … things do happen for a reason…
We invite you to watch the video and to have a look at the artworks of this talented artist. His paintings have this ‘something’… exceptional and original attention to detail…




‘NOSTALGIA’ by Hariprasad c

Acrylic on canvas; 45 x 66 cm; 2015; India; 170 €

‘This painting is one of my favourite. The child in this painting is my niece. I remembered my childhood when I saw her in candle light ,which inspired me to do this painting.” Hariprasad C



‘Woman of the twenties’ by Hariprasad c

Acrylic; Canvas; 2016; 60 x 60 cm; 2016; India; 115€

‘This painting is  my pure imagination. This painting depicts the women in twentieth century. Twentieth century marks the beginning of women empowerment and  freedom of women.’ Hariprasad C




If you are interested or would like to get more information please contact us at management@studentartworks.org