The latest collection by the talented Maltese artist Marya Camenzula is called ‘Amaurotic’.

“They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Many times I find that eyes deceive us. They take away from viewing the deeper, more rich part of what life has to offer. This collection is called Amaurotica. Amaurotic means blindness caused by changes to the eye. In all the pieces, the eyes cannot be seen. This is to allow you to imagine the soul of each piece. I want you to create your own narrative on who these faces are. What they represent. It’s you. Who are you with your eyes closed? “

author-Marya Camenzuli


See more art from Marya Camenzuli: http://www.studentartworks.org/author/maryacamz/

HAPPY EASTER!!!!🌷🥚♥️🐑🐇

The spirit of Easter is all about Hope,
Love and Joy-full living.
HAPPY EASTER!!!!🌷🥚♥️🐑🐇
Image by metmuseum.org

May the good times and treasure of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.

Wishing you lots of love, joy and happened.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!🌲🍭🎁🎄🎉🎀♥️🌍🏠☃️❄

The opening of the STREETS OF LONDON report by Tomasz Preficz

It is with great pleasure to present a photo report by a talented artist Tomasz Preficz. The reportage highlighting the distorting situation in which we live today. The situation is written by COVID19. The main theme of the images in the reportage, as described by the author, are ‘masks distorting’ us as human beings.
We will present the report in several scenes. Today we proudly present the first …

The report was made of photos taken on the streets of London.

Introduction to the reportage written by Tomasz Preficz:

“Album description

Many thanks to Tomasz Preficz for sharing his works.

Student Artworks Foundation

Dear students and young art creaters,

we invite you to take part in our photography challenge. The challenge calls for the interesting and original photography entitled ‘FROM NOW’. We can’t wait to see your photos! They can be made by your mobile or camera or any other devices. The matter is to captured situation or thing or living being or anything else that characterizes the reality of ‘FROM NOW’.

We will exhibit and promote selected photos.

The events of 2020 have definitely changed our reality. The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus forced humanity to reflect in addition to fear. What kind of reflections? Well,  each of us individually answers this question. Mother nature also showed pandemic changes. Stunning images were post in social media and othe sites of outgoing animals in flocks to the streets, to cities and settlements. On the other hand, the sight of cities themselves looked like ghost-towns without even humans shadows, remind for many of us some futuristic movies…which again give us some deep meaning reflections and conlutions…


Send your #challengefromnow photos to contact@studentartworks.org with the title FROM NOW.
We can’t wait to see your photos !!!!

Stay tuned.


Warmest thoughts to You Guys and your family on this holiday. Happy Easter!

Student Artworks Foundation wish You all a happy new year 2020 and an amazing new decade!!!

Past is for learning from mistakes, the present is for embracing new things, and the future is for setting hopes. Student Artworks Foundation wish You all a happy new year, wonderful 2020 with many blessings and an amazing new decade!!!

Art for your smartphone

‘Silent story’ by Dagmara Ryba, ‘Woman’ by Aleksandra Herbich and many more!!!!

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‘Woman’ by Aleksandra Herbich


AUKCJA OBRAZÓW 9 MARCA 2019 r. w Platinum Palace przy ul.Powstańców Śl. 204 we Wrocławiu.

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Katalog Aukcyjny/ Fuzja Sztuki/ 09.03.19

Szanowni Państwo,

z ogromną radością prezentujemy Katalog Aukcyjny siedemnastu wyselekcjonowanych oryginalnych obrazów autorstwa wschodzącej artystki – GRAŻYNY ANETY OCHOWIAK. Prace malarki brały udział w wielu wydarzeniach artystycznych organizowanych przez Student Artworks Foundation .

Jako organizacja NON PROFIT o statusie OPP, wspieramy już od 2013 roku zrzeszonych z naszą fundacją wschodzących artystów będących studentami i absolwentami uczelni wyższych w kraju oraz zagranicą. Fundacja pomaga swoim podopiecznym w procesie zdobywania doświadczenia, promocji twórczości, a przede wszystkim w dotarciu do jak najliczniejszej grupy odbiorców i sympatyków ich talentu.

Drodzy Państwo, tym razem, dzisiejszy wieczór aukcyjny dedykowane jest jednej artystce, która jest zrzeszona z Fundacją Student Artworks od wielu lat. Jej prace ze względu na wyjątkowy talent artystki, energetyczny przekaz  i charyzmę są doceniane oraz nabywane min. w Europie i Stanach Zjednoczonych.

*proszę kliknąć na zdjęcie aby obejrzeć je w powiększeniu