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Tania (Tanbelia) Ukrainian courageous artist in painting. Employs liquid paint techniques - watercolor and slime painting (new paint which contains glue, activator, and color) because they are unpredictable paints, every brush smear and detail blur in the process and gives the work a unique character.


I define my style in art as mosaic impressionism, sensual painting. The decisive idea is to leave the imprint of nature on the artwork, and provide the observer has an aesthetic satisfaction. Artworks are based on the idea of the beauty of nature "Nature is a workshop, an eternal exemplar of art".


I create artworks quickly enough (several hours) because the faster I draw, the more emotions, life, and soul remain and fill up the painting. I drawing by feelings. Paintings need to be felt. Feelings, inspiration manage the process of painting. The strokes are poured into different abstract shapes, each stroke has a different contour, rough or blurred. And together they create sensation painting written by feelings, impressions, from nature.


I'm depicted the real plots to preserve as long as possible the particles of the most perfect that is — nature. Not only the plot is important, but also the execution-style, because it reflects emotion, impermanence, fluidity, ephemerality.


I'm drawing artworks with rich exalted emotions inside, trying to stop my impressions from the moment that caught my attention. I prefer to draw in the plein air because there I feel alone with nature and inspiration. In liquid paint types, I find endless possibilities for reproducing everyday scenes in a complex mosaic composition. For me, the most interesting and valuable for the reproduction in painting technique are uneven chaotic, rough spots, their combination with each other, this is what I achieve by the quick process of painting. Smears are applying in ala prima on a wet or dry surface. Each spot blends with the other and conveys flicker and dynamics in the paintings.


2019    All-Ukrainian exhibition of abstract painting, Kyiv.


2018    Exhibition "A4 Ballpoint Pen" Karas Gallery, Kiev


2017    Personal exhibition in the House of Culture, Zdolbuniv, Ukraine.


2016    Exhibition is devoted to the preservation of Ukraine's architectural masterpieces, namely the Church of the Holy Trinity - Lviv, Ukraine.


2016   "Energy of ability" - Lviv, Ukraine.


2015    Personal exhibition at the Technological College of Lviv Polytechnic National University - Lviv, Ukraine.


2015    Exhibition is devoted to the preservation of Ukraine's architectural masterpieces, namely the Pomoryan castle - Lviv, Ukraine.


2015    Personal exhibition "Volyn etudes" in Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named of Ivan Trush - Lviv, Ukraine.


2013    International Drawing Festival - Zabrze, Poland.


Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named I. Trush

2015-2018: Restoration of paintings.

Restoration of two-sided icon "John the Baptist", "Our Lady of Perpetual Help"

Lviv, Ukraine


Lviv National Academy of Arts

2018-2019: Graphic design.

Rudyard Kipling's book illustrated "The Camel's Hump"

Lviv, Ukraine

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