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Samuel Białkowski


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Hi everyone! I am a self-taught man. I am walking through life as self-reliant.I am drawing since childhood. Over time I needed a bit more of other creative emotions so I took up photography and sewing. For the time being I do film editing and spray painting. Keep extending your passion bag constantly. Samuel BiałkowskiMy story with art began when I was about eight years old (1999). I remember when I got really thick book with lots of pictures of popular heroes of children and I thought, that It would be nice to be able to draw something like this. So I started. Then I tried to reproduce the images from pages of that book. I was drawing my favorite characters even on the walls. In time, I became interested in anime and manga and I was drawing almost all of the Japanese characters. The history of drawing ends on many years of drawing from photographs and portraits so far. Around 2005 began experimenting with paint on canvas. However, this is not my forte and I do it occasionally. The same with photography. My passion has increased with the sewing in 2010. I'm doing this so far, sewing stuffed animals and small alterations of clothes. I admit, that I feel really good and confident with what I am doing. However, I consider as a breakthrough, learning an art such as Spray Painting. In 2012 began my interest in this kind of art and I started to look at it carefully. It is a modern art form. For the time being all my free time, I spend just with spray painting and I hope it will stay with me for a long time. When it comes to every technique of art I do, I need to say, that I am completely a self-taught.


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AWF in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland