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Ruth Soria Vidal


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I began to show my artistic passion since I was a little girl. Many thanks to my parents who supported me from a very early age in my artistic training in art centers and in primary school. After art school I decided to specialize in the fields of art that awakened in childhood a great curiosity. They were the world of animation and illustration. I also decided to get a knowledge in other art fields like drawing, painting and sculpture. I am getting this knowledge currently at Faculty of Fine Arts as a student of University of Barcelona. I have been always fascinated by fantasy world, esotericism, mystery, horror, magic etc... I found it unique. These kind of issues can be seen very often in my works in one way or another. I would like to also mention and bow to the artworks of the painter Remedios Varo (1908-1963). Her art awakened and inspired me. Probably you will see also another facet in my artworks - pictorially and sculpturally abstract and even some experiments with various techniques and audiovisual materials.


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University of Barcelona, Spain