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Piotr Kolanko (1987) born. in Jaslo 
Master Of Art. 2013r. Art Department at the University of Rzeszow 
Master Of Graphics Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
Techniques: Paint, Linocut, Serigraphy
Video, Intermedia, Environments 
 I put great emphasis on the role of intuition in the creative process. Each project, even if its technological framework is strictly defined, (e.g. in the case of an installation) requires enough space for free artistic creation and multidimensionality. The same principle applies to painting and graphics despite their restricted premises. The subject matter of my works is of symbolic nature. A piece of art is a phantasm in which the alternative lives of symbols, forms and meanings take place.



Wyróżnienie w konkursie międzynarodowym "Tradycja a nowoczesność" Szymbark  07.2011r.


Wyróżnienie w Konkursie „PANKA” na najlepszy dyplom magisterski Rzeszów 


ASP Cracow 

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