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Juliette Romboti

United Kingdom

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Juliette Romboti's practice is driven by a passion to emotionally connect with trees and suggest that they are conscious organisms. Continuous observation of trees has led her to a deeper awareness of the everchanging state of nature. The theme of impermanence is central to her work, and is visually communicated through a self-created technique capturing the movement of inks through film, photography and painting. Her creative process is moved and inspired by the continuous music of composer and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk. Studying the metaphysical and meditative qualities of Melnyk's technique has guided her to develop a deeper emotional connection with the worlds she creates; a oneness.She aspires to merge visual image with music by working collaboratively with musicians and filmmakers to create live / moving paintings and short films.


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University of the Arts London (BA (hons) Theatre Design)

The International School of Athens (The International Baccalaureate Program)