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Júlia Végh


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Why do you do this kind of art? ( for example why paintings not design etc.)

When I was younger and I was thinking about what I wanted to do in my life the first answer was to myself "I want to be a painter". I have always liked painting.I had to try a lot of things in my life but  when I paint the time stops and it puts me over to a new dimension.This is my first language and with it i can show my ideas and show my art, how i can see the world and my sensibility to contact the environment. I hope this is the way how i can show the people something from me.And another extra thing why I do it: because it helps me understand everything that happens to me.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I'm a simple person who likes life so much, and I always try to keep my eyes open for all that can inspire me. I like my goals that I want to achieve in life.

What does inspire you?

Things that inpire me: life, some conversations, some experience and at the moment the "contact" in life. Beside these the sea, the lights of nature and classical music are very inspiring.

Your philosophy/ idea about your artworks:

I have a bigger topic: about fish and the foundation of the topic's philosophy is water and life that stems from it. Water is a natural power that is also a symbol of purgation. This strongly motivates and refills me.  This is why I chose market fish that I can paint in a studio. They have a symbol in the world: they are a symbol of Christianity. These fish also refer to the difficulties of my own life.  Some of my paintings are in vanitas style but in spite of these I have some watercolour works that I make during my journeys when I eternalize some moments of my life.  These have light and joyful colours, just like the moments when I paint them. With them I can show a different side of my art to people. These paintings show how I really live these moments to the fullest. I think it is very important that with art one can give something to mankind and make other people think about life or simply delight them with colours.


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Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest