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My name is Isauribel Gomez and I was born in the Dominican Republic, November 11 year 2000. I was introduced to visual arts at the age of 2 by my mother Maribel Familia who is also a Dominican visual artist. As I grew as a visual artist I developed a high sense of observation of my environment  and centered on illustrations of the women body.


   At first I created paintings that centered on women opening their wounds to expose controversial topics that society ignores such as abortion. In my paintings which were greatly influenced by Frida Kahlo's style and color choices I depicted open wounds that opened a world to women suffering through symbols and strong facial expressions. By then my target was for the viewer to understand women’s pain, however  a women and gender study  course that centered on women rights and underprivileged people prompted me to take this a step further. I decided to introduce topics about sexism and rape, sex tourism and prostitution, the struggles of maternity, and the criticism of hostility  against women rights movements.  


   Even Though, my paintings are direct and strong to observe due to their  nature I hope to inspire others to actively research about women rights and advocate for this rights locally and globally. Moreover, I hope that viewers are able to understand women culture of suffering in silence and how it destroys them.


 I pursued my art  career through my high school studies at Esperanza Preparatory Academy in New York City with the art teacher Carlos Rivera and art training with the Dominican art master Oscar Abreu. Through this studies I gained awareness of  Dominican visual arts and its development.  In the present I major in visual arts at Pace University.


 Finally, I have being influenced by visual artists such as Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Rene Magritte.


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Esperanza Preparatory Academy high school

Pace University-Dyson College of Arts and Sciences