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United Kingdom

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I am a painter, photographer and illustrator 

I utilize photocopy, collage mix with digital software, influenced by Neo expressive. And cobra art movements.

My purpose is to compliment traditional cultural art into a contemporary art practice. Where I am the storyteller.

I work with acrylics and natural materials, found objects, river water, charcoal and marker pens. The environment shapes and soaks into the work, as I work in a raw and spontaneous even frenetic style which helps to free my sub conscious I take photographs they become image notes and are scanned into photocopies then digitally enhanced on Photoshop and are very useful as Land Maps 

“New art can be created about old art 


Stevenson Award for Self initiated artist reaserch trip to Souith America.

  • Artist Seasons 2017. Art Exhibition. U Tube Digital Art Gallery.
  • Land art constucts for project I Follow Rivers along the Thames
  • Light Space & Time Award Merit for Abstract entry “We Are Nature’



Healtherly's Art Lab 2010

Newlyn Summer School workshops 2012 -2014

Qualified BA Hons Fine Art – Painting Wimbeldon UAL 2015

Qualified MA Illustration Camberwell UAL 2017