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Emilia Ławik


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Hello everyone!My adventure with art began shortly after graduating from lower secondary school. In 2003 I began my education in secondary school of arts, where I learned the basics of painting, drawing, sculpture, design and photography.These lessons really made ​​me realize what means to me the relation with art, what a feeling of freedom it is and an escape from reality. In 2007, after graduating from school, I decided to continue down this path so began my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Poland).The first year I spent at the painting department but next years I decided to dedicate for sculpture, therefore I moved to sculpture department. Studies have taught me not only the techniques, but also the ability to abstract thinking and composing. That's how are my presented works.They present ... exactly what everyone sees in them and what wishes to see. Legs, animals, portraits or tied body are the images seen so far by not too big group of my friends. I must admit that I'm curious what the wide European audience will be see in my works. Emilia Ławik  


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Secondary School of Arts; the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Poland).