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I, Alena Martsyanava, was born in a family of a biologist and a painter and architect in Cherven, Minsk district, Belarus. Started drawing at the age of 4, finished Cherven art school at 14.

Having graduated from Misnk State Linguistic University went to Germany where I did portraits for various people. After that while living in California did a few works in acrylic paint. Real inspiration came after visiting Manhattan.

For years, I’ve been involved in working with Irish volunteers coming over to Belarus to orphanages and asylums for special needs children and adults across the country for 6 years. Also I visit Ireland regularly on charity purposes. Now I'm a freelancing interpreter and teacher. This work gives me a very flexible schedule.

Have organized a few exhibitions: 3 in Minsk regional Library named after Alexander Pushkin, Minsk, Belarus in 2013 and in 2014, and one in hometown Cherven in 2014.  

The main theme of works is the cities and towns that I have ever visited – American and European cities, and also my own country. I also pay big attention to still-lives and some random moments of life that I’d like to put on canvases.


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