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As a child I enjoyed my father's books, the drawings in these books have influenced me greatly. He was an amateur archaeologist, these books were about dinosaurs and the prehistoric man.

And I shown a penchant for fantasy and science fiction films and series that where at that time on the television.

Especially at a time when films like Star Wars A (a new hope) and the Alien movie came in premier, I was fascinated by this unknown world, and I got carried away in it.

Especially Alien, not the horror, but the concept certainly appealed to me.

I looked into that and discovered that H.R. Giger had designed this. He works with an airbrush, which I had never heard of before.

Still, in a fit of insanity, I bought myself an airbrush and compressor.

I was going to airbrush, no problem, well I can tell you one thing, man that was disappointment, you really have to be able to work with an airbrush.

And there was no one who could teach me that, especially how Giger did it.

It took a long time to get the hang of it, but I finally succeeded.

After years of standing at airbrush fairs, they started to disappoint me, Don’t get me wrong nothing, against airbrushers, there are even friends of mine among them. But it is not what I was looking for. Airbrushers copied photos and tape a lot and make things like wolves, tigers and flames, while I sprayed freehand, and made my own creations.

At a certain point I started combining acrylic paint with airbrush, which produced a great result.

I was suddenly able to mix paint and colors on the canvas with a brush.

If you want a different color with an airbrush sprayer, not always, but usually you have to clean it first.

And then, one day the sky opened, oil paint lighted my path.

Also some getting used to but then: wet in wet work, layers work, transparent work, cloth, brushes, pencils, fat work, lean work, I don't know what kind of the techniques you can use with oil paint.

Hallelujah ;)

The works I create are generally fantasy works sometimes I draw a bit, but usually I just start painting and see something created all the way and then work it out.

It's just unbelievable that you start painting on a blank canvas and then along the way you end up with a fantasy figure, a creature a being.

Putting your own world on canvas is a dream come true, a ‘dreamworld'.


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The school I went to is Cumulus the Maastricht (Netherlands), Eindhovense school Saint Lucas this is a graphic school the Eindhoven (Netherlands).