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Dávid Merényi


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Hi everybody!Please feel free to take a look in my gallery. I hope you will enjoy it.I was born in 1989. Now I'm a student of the Hungarian University Of Fine Art in Budapest at the fourth year of the painting department.I would like to learn and listen. I am in Erasmus in Milan. It's cool, hope I will survive.Mainly I paint landscapes and describe the life around me, think about my being, convert my energies and observe the situations in life.I enjoy going out in the Nature and paint landscapes. My attempt is to communicate the feelings of timelessness, quietude, peace of mind I live when I paint. I think the observer can feel the moment I lived bottled on the picture. I would like to give my paintings an evocative and ritual atmosphere, the observer can be the protagonist of that moment, he can be involved and affected by the feeling of sublime. He can witness my vulnerability, feel the connection between me and the subject observing how i watched a detail, searched something.


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