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My name is Dagmara Rybak and first of all I'm a painter. I'm also involved in graphic and glass design and in my spare time I deal with photography. I'm from Poland. I'm a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw at the Faculty of Glass Design. In 2009 I lived in Italy in Venice and I studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia and Scuola del Vetro in Murano. I specialize in the design and manufacture of glass but the painting is an area closer to my heart due to the fact that I occupy him for over 12 years. When I get inspired, I'm listening to music. It gives knowledge, relief, confidence and strength. The ability to dedicated my mind to express my feelings and thoughts over a white canvas. Painting also guides me to a world of fantasies where nothing is impossible. As a painter, glass and graphic designer I often have to "force" my creative ideas, but I have found specific types of music make it a cinch to move right into the creative flow. Also viewing the work of fellow artists always inspires me. I was always very energetic person, so one passion for me is not enough. I'll always find time to explore the world because nothing gives me such pleasure as discovering new countries and learning about other cultures which is also an inspiration for me when I'm painting. My paintings are acrylic. The things I love about painting with acrylics are: ease of clean up, low toxicity, clean, fresh colours and fun! When you know a few tricks, or even you're just starting out, creating great acrylic art is an incredibly satisfying experience. Words that I would use to describe myself as an artist would be: intuitive, creative and instinctive. being an artist is not measured by financial success, but by being happy to create and explore for my own satisfaction. I always felt it necessary to create as if it was an essential part of life. Creating art gives me a voice to express myself in a language that is uniquely my own. I'm not afraid of new challenges and with optimism I approach life.


Scholorship at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia 

Scholarship at the Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti in Murano


Akademia Sztuk Pieknych we Wroclawiu wydzial Wzornictwo Ceramika i Szkło

Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia and Scuola del Vetro in Murano Abate Zanetti Instytut