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Christiaan Veltkamp


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As an artist I'm trying to find ways to create a certain atmosphere. Sometimes my work is called poetic and delicate. I find that this can be done through still lifes, but the human form is even more interesting to me. Flowers and pots and pans just don't have human feelings, so it's difficult to make them show it. Firstly I do this art because I like painting itself. The handling of paint with fine brushes and the mixing of colours is just a fun thing to do. There's a freedom to it, even when doing a very detailed work. Secondly, I desire to achieve something great. To make something which is beyond ordinary experience. I think this fast and noisy society of ours needs painters very badly. A painting needs to be appreciated and you need to be still for a moment in order to get the message.The study I do now, classical painting, is actually my third study. I started in 2000 with business management at the university of Twente. After one year I switched to philosophy. Which suited me much better, because I'm quite the thinker now and then. In 2006 I finished it and started working for the Dutch government. To make a long story short ... the days at the office were not my cup of tea. So I did several kinds of (actually much more interesting) jobs. During that time I picked up painting again and before I knew I was enrolled in an evening art program in Amsterdam for one year. I now continue my studies at the Classical Academy for painting in Groningen.


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At the moment I study at the Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam (Academie voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving).