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Bara Hyr

Czech Republic

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In his works he is very inspired by antiquity and medieval times, which has a great influence on his creation. It's a period he's actively interested in and he's been practicing since childhood. The paintings mainly include motifs of knight armor, medieval artifacts and motifs that are essential and such basic stones of his creation. Armor is fascinated, for his later period of the Middle Ages, technical perfection, decoration and majesty. Indeed, the armor has not only served as a protective but also representative function, and can be considered as a work of art, a statue.

 Technically, Bařák is experimenting with a variety of techniques (combined technique), and in most cases never remains at one. Works with layers, background, drawing and painting, and various materials at the same time. By various elution, etching, tape overlay, it returns and uncovers the bottom layers, responds to them, then repairs, simply experiments. It is even such archeology back to the old layers of the picture. Discovering, joining, blending original layers with new ones. He graduated from the BUT Faculty of Fine Arts in the studio of Petr Kvíčala.


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2006/2010 - Secondary School of Uherské Hradiště, atelier of Applied Painting (academic painter Miroslav Malina)


2010/2012 - SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště, ateliér Industrial Design (academic sculptor Vojtěch Anderle)


2012 - 2018 FaVU VUT Brno, atelier of Painting III (Prof. MgA. Petr Kvíčala)

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