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Ayl Rose


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Ayl Rose was born on 2nd December 1989 in a little town in the province of Bergamo, in North Italy. After the studies taken at the high school of her native town, she moves in Milan in order to study Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera. Here she has the chance to get close to the world of portrait photography. Moreover she keeps a particular passion for literature and writing. After no more than three years she graduated at the Academy of Brera with the highest score.She's currently living in Krakow (Poland) where she's continuing her studies in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Jana Matejki.


-Workshop Tokyo, 7-11 July 2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan), collective exhibition of photography;

-13 September 2009, collective exhibition of drawing and painting in Verderio (BG, Italy);

-22 May 2010, Collective exhibition of drawing portraits at Bobino-Club (Milan).

- ALICE IN WONDERLAND photography project, 16-19 February 2012, collective exhibition "Progetto Milano" at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan).


-Literary award "Premio Firenze Giovani" for the category unpublished Narration (storytell), XXX Premio Firenze"


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