Student Profile

Adrian Kempa


Followers: 2

Works: 51

Born in 1989 in Kalisz, Poland.



Two words- individual exhibition, Komoda club, Kalisz

Newcomers- Łeska, Wojtak, Kempa,Kulisiewicz's Drawing and grafics centre.

COSSW, Kalisz Young art minds, Art hotel,Wrocław; organized by

Błotnica strzelecka 2012, After plein-er exhibition, Von Possadowski palace,

Błotnica strzelecka ARS UNIVERSITATIS, after competition exhibition,

Adam Mickiewicz university gallery, Kalisz

Homeless gallery, atomic bunker, Kalisz, TOYA golf club, Kryniczno


Plein-er Dobrzyca 2011, Muzeum, Dobrzyca

New international group, Camden gallery, London; organized by

Uam students, Janka kupała university, Grodn Distinction- art competition "Russian culture inspiration"

About my works;

In paint most important think for me is structure of image. It create a picture. I try in my works mix different materials to do the best structure.


Distinction - XII art competiction Ars Uniwersitatis 2012 
First award for the best production tile- ceramic plein-air Zduny 2007 
Distinction- art competition "Russian culture inspiration"


Student of painting at the Faculty of Art Pedagogy Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity in Kalisz.

Graduated from art high school in Kalisz .