We would like to share some words of associated with us a young talented artist Alena Martsyanava aka Elenphant1983.

„ STUDENT ARTWORKS  is a fascinating source for the artists not only to display their works and let the world know about them, but also is a brilliant means to sell. I have always found it hard to sell my works as they are somehow like children for me, but sometimes to move on and to keep new works (new children) appearing, I had to let some go. Due to this site I have come across a person from the US, who showed interest in my paintings. And that’s what I call the amazing art of the internet. It, along with quite a good postal service, made both of us happy. I sold my works to the person, who really admired them, and Robert got the pieces, that he will enjoy.

I’d love to say big thanks to the people working in this Foundation for being very professional, prompt and very kind to us, the artists, their customers. The managing stuff are all very polite and friendly. Thank you very much for the opportunity you give to the people who want to show something and to those, who want to see something. I believe Art will make the world a better place. With your kind help!”

Alena thank you very much for your kind words!!! Cooperation with you is a pleasure 🙂 We wish you more and more success !! We hope to have more opportunities to cooperate with you in the future!

Here you can see more art and read about Alena Martsyanava http://www.studentartworks.org/author/elenphant1983/