Dec 2017

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and Wonderful Winter!

Dear All, have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND LUCKY THE WHOLE 2018!!!   Student Artworks Foundation Team     Painting by spanish artist associated with Student Artworks Foundation-  Ignacio Navarro Holgado  (Fine Art College of Santa Isabel de Hungría/Seville) Oil; Wood; 160 x 140 cm; 2014  


Dec 2017

Proudly present young and very talented artist from India – Hariprasad C

We proudly present young and very talented artist from India – Hariprasad C. Hariprasad C was supposed to take part in the 5th Auction of Young Art, which took place on 28/10/2017. Unfortunately, due to transport and intercontinental formalities, his paintings did not arrive on time from India. It was a big pity and we […]


Dec 2017

2nd part of photos from V Auction of Young Art / V AMS

Why 2nd part? Just because after the stunning official 1st part of 5th Auction of Young Art our beautiful guests were brought to P2 RESTAURANT in the very heart of Wroclaw – CITY CENTER, Salt Square, Market Square. P2 RESTAURANTS as one of the sponsors has prepared specially for our dear guests a snack selected […]