Mar 2016

The list of 20 artworks for coming auction

We present the results of the art contest ‘Show Your Art’: 1. ‘Just me!’ by Andra Morosan 2. ‘Study nude’ by Liviu Acasandrei 3. ‘Asterion’ by Liviu Acasandrei 4.’Jump’ by Andra Morosan 5. ‘Melanoma malignum’ by Filip Handzel 6. ‘Sabina’ by Elvira Bozga 7. ‘The gate of the past’ […]


Mar 2016

Stage II of international competition by SAF

THE STAGE II of the contest ‘Show your art’ is running currently. At this stage every Facebook user can participate who simply votes by clicking LIKE button for artworks in the Competition Gallery here on our fanpage. STAGE II runs from 2nd until 16th of March 2016. The aim of the competition is to select […]