Jun 2013

Interview with Tomasz Preficz from Krakow (Poland)

As he says himself, his works are accompanied by a critical-literary topic and reflection of the political and cultural situations. He creates mostly painting and a furniture design. He loves colors so much, that ‚he doesn’t like to abuse them‘.Creating the furniture for him is like release from the hands his next child. Raw aesthetic in painting and in modern architecture is an inspiration for him.


Jun 2013

JUST SOLD: ‘Blotnica Strzelecka (Church)’ by Ziemowit Fincek

JUST SOLD: ‘Blotnica Strzelecka (Church)’ by Ziemowit Fincek
Acryl on board; 50 x 70; Abstract; 2012.
‘Painting ‘Blotnica Strzelecka (Church)’ was created in 2012 in the outdoors in Blotnica Strzelecka. The painting shows the church located by the lake. Paint strokes bring the painting plane in motion. I wanted in this way to present the moving air, light wind. This painting shows the consistency of presentation and the content contained herein only when a viewer will go away from the painting for few steps. In a way it is similar to presentation of the work of the Impressionists.’


Jun 2013

JUST SOLD: ‘Process’

JUST SOLD: ‘Process’ by Tomasz Preficz
Oil on canvas; 50 x 70 cm; 2011.
Tomasz Preficz was born in 22nd November 1979 in Przemysl, Poland. Between 2007 – 2010 studied interior design at the PWSW, Public Eastern European Academy, graduated with Bachelor Degree. In 2010 moved to Cracow, took a part in various art exhibitions. In 2011 started own individually designed furniture line. From September 2011 studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Passionate about the stigma surrounding that in creating very frequently is a sign for a planes of existence.


Jun 2013

Interview with Júlia Végh from Hungary

We are glad to have an opportunity to present paintings of a young talented artist from Budapest Júlia Végh from Hungarian University of Fine Arts.