Dear students and young art creaters,

we invite you to take part in our photography challenge. The challenge calls for the interesting and original photography entitled ‘FROM NOW’. We can’t wait to see your photos! They can be made by your mobile or camera or any other devices. The matter is to captured situation or thing or living being or anything else that characterizes the reality of ‘FROM NOW’.

We will exhibit and promote selected photos.

The events of 2020 have definitely changed our reality. The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus forced humanity to reflect in addition to fear. What kind of reflections? Well,  each of us individually answers this question. Mother nature also showed pandemic changes. Stunning images were post in social media and othe sites of outgoing animals in flocks to the streets, to cities and settlements. On the other hand, the sight of cities themselves looked like ghost-towns without even humans shadows, remind for many of us some futuristic movies…which again give us some deep meaning reflections and conlutions…


Send your #challengefromnow photos to with the title FROM NOW.
We can’t wait to see your photos !!!!

Stay tuned.